Palma.—Demolition teams, escorted by Palma Local Police's rapid reaction unit, yesterday knocked down six illegal buildings in the Son Banya shanty town on the outskirts of Palma.

Previous city councils have for years being trying to clear Son Banya, the capital's drugs den, but while some residents have accepted social houses, others, in particular the drug gangs have preferred to stay.

However, yesterday, a demolition team with a court order knocked down six illegal properties which had either been recently built and refurbished without planning permission.

None of the properties were apparently lived in but were used as warehouses but Palma City Council is determined to relocate all of Son Banya's residents and be able to demolish the 45 properties on the site. Many of the eviction orders have been appealed against but are stuck in the courts, nevertheless Palma City Council is confident that it will win all of its cases and eventually be able to flatten the shanty town.