THE newly elected Balearic deputies and senators in the Madrid parliament, Francesc Antich, Miquel Angel Martin, Joaquin Bellon, Isabel Oliver, Joan Fageda and Maria Salom received their credentials yesterday. Those of Enrique Fajarnés, Joan Salord, Garcia Muñoz, José Ramon Mateos, José Segui, Antoni Mari and Carlos Ripoll were collected by the legal representatives of their parties. The deputies will have to travel to Madrid on April 2, to attend the constitution of Congress.
After receiving their credentials, Antich, speaking for the socialists and Fageda on behalf of the conservatives expressed their satisfaction of having the opportunity to work “on behalf of the Balearics.” The regional Election Board also gave official recognition yesterday to new members of the Balearic Parliament, Francisco Molina Freneda and Eduardo Puche Castillejo representing the Partido Popular (PP), and Rosa María Alberdi Castell for the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE). The new parliamentary appointees are to take up their seats following the resignation of Maria Salom and Joan Fageda of the Popular Party, and of Francesc Antich of the Spanish Socialist Workers party, who are all now deputies elect of Congress in central government, following the outcome of the general elections held last weekend. Molina, Puche and Alberdi will take their seats at the next plenary session of Parliament on March 23.
Voting results throughout Spain gave a surprise victory to the Spanish Socialist Workers Party in the wake of the bombing outrage at a central train station in Madrid, in which more than 200 people lost their lives. Regional government in the Balearics under the Partido Popular, remains unchanged, however.