THE scarcity of water in Majorca has the potential to damage the multi-million euro tourist industry.
Majorca is listed as one of the world's eight most endangered coastlines in a recent study on the impact of human activity on marine ecosystems.
And according to an article in Forbes magazine based on the new report this environmental damage is threatening the billion dollar global tourist industry.

Countries with tourist industries reliant on coastal resorts, such as Spain, are particularly at risk.
According to Forbes, Majorca has “struggled with water shortages attributed to climate change and increasing demand. In recent years, the Spanish government had to begin importing fresh water via tank ships.” “Chronic water shortage poses a significant threat to Mallorca's tourism industry and has the potential to strain relations with the local population.” The other most endangered coastlines mentioned in the Forbes article are in the Caribbean, central Chile, the Gulf of Maine, Phuket in Thailand, the Pacific Northwest, the North Sea and the eastern Philippines.

The study looked at a number of factors such as fishing, pollution and sea temperature.
Coastal development was not included.