STAFF REPORTER CRISTINA Cerdó, president of Palma's municipal cleaning company, Emaya, said yesterday that all the city's rubbish containers will be cleaned within a year.

She was speaking yesterday morning at Son Pacs where a new mechanical container cleaning system was being unveiled. Two new lorries, especially designed for the task started operating on 1st February this year. The move forms part of the city council's Cleaning Plan which aims to provide a quality service in the “war on grime” in Palma.

Paying detailed attention to the rubbish containers is not just a question of hygiene, said Cerdó. “It will help get rid of any stale smell which on occasions can really be unpleasant for residents and visitors.” Up until now, there had been a combination system in place for cleaning the containers - Emaya has a lorry which is able to clean containers which can be handled mechanically at the roadside, but those which don't fall into that category have been cleaned by a third party service. Now however, the new lorries incorporate technology to clean both laterally and from the rear of the vehicle so that all types of containers can be cleaned internally once every two months. The green containers for throwing away glass will come in for special pressurised cleaning treatment nine times a year. Manpower will still be needed however, as all containers will be prepared with bucket and broom prior to the rubbish bins being deep cleaned by the mechanical system.