NEWS DESK LAST year, 27'159 accidents in the work place were registered in the Balearic Islands, 28 of which were fatal. Central Government's Ministry for Employment and immigration said yesterday that the accident figures for the region were 14.2 percent down on those recorded for the previous year of 2007, when 31'619 took place. Ministry sources said that the downturn applied to both serious and non-serious mishaps.

In terms of loss of life, however, the 28 people who died as a result of an accident in the work place in the Balearics last year represented a rise of 27.2 percent on records for 2007 when 22 victims died. Ten died whilst on their way to work and 18 on the job. The final death toll rises even further if the four workers who died after a hotel annex collapsed in Cala Ratjada in December 2008 are included.

Key causes of injury included overstrain (9'881 cases last year), followed by hard knocks, bruising and shock (8'841); and by industrial burns or inhaling of chemical materials (2'588).