Joan Collins THE Balearic Constructors Association yesterday demanded the creation of a register of companies in this sector which could show they have a good reputation and previous experience in the sector and that they operate in optimum conditions. The aim of this would be to stop the proliferation of “cowboy” companies which, in the opinion of the President of this association, Sebastian Pastor, are mainly responsible for the rise in work accidents in the construction industry. Pastor said yesterday that there are a growing number of companies operating in the construction sector which have no public liability insurance or any service for the prevention of working accidents, so they are operating illegally as they do not comply with current law. In 2005, the construction industry made a total of 2'502.88 million euros, which is a fall of 5.37 percent from 2004, due especially to the fall of 35.66 percent in public works being put out to tender. Pastor said that there are 14'300 companies in the construction industry in the Balearics, of which 800 belong to his association and comply with the law. However, among the others there are cases of small companies which operate without guarantees and with unqualified staff. According to figures from the Construction Association, while there were 6'764 working accidents of all kinds in the Balearics in 2004, in 2005 the figure reached 7'797 accidents which was a rise of 3.55 percent in one year, a year in which the population grew by 11.32 percent. For Pastor, it is “necessary” that his members know if the big investments they are going to make in taking steps to prevent accidents “will have a positive result” and which companies have the worst record for accidents, those who comply with the law or those that don't. This is a question which is expected to be answered by a study which will be done by the association during this year. He is also worried about the cost of disposing of construction waste, which rose considerably at the beginning of this year.