By Humphrey Carter MICHAEL Brown, the Majorcan-based Scottish millionaire awaiting extradition to Britain to face 53 charges including fraud, could allegedly face life imprisonment if he is found guilty on all charges. Brown told a Madrid high court judge last week that he would not fight the extradition and wanted to be taken back to Britain as quickly as possible “to face the music.” But, according to sources in London, it appears that he may have to wait as the process, which can take a maximum of 40 days, is said to be going very slowly with the papers having yet to be signed by the courts in Madrid. Initially, because of his willingness to co-operate, it was assumed Brown could have been back in Britain in a few days and up before a Bow Street Magistrates' Court which issued the European arrest warrant. It appears that now it will be a question of weeks rather than days. However, in the meantime, Brown will be pleased to know that his controversial record-breaking donation of £2.4 million, which he has since claimed was mishandled by the party, accounted for just over half of the party's total general election campaign budget of £4.300'000. It is understood that most of Brown's donation was used to fund a nationwide poster and newspaper advertising campaign. Last September Michael Brown told the Bulletin that he made the donation “out of good faith.” There were some doubts over the legality over the donation, as Brown is no longer a resident Britain, and was not when he made the donation, overseas donations are banned by British law. He did, however, make the donation through his London-based company, which has an office in Palma but that failed to prevent an inquiry by the Electoral Commission. The Commision has since ruled that Brown's donation was “permissible” but a Commision source said “we are very much continuing to monitor the issue. Any further information that comes to light will be reveiwed.” Had the Lib Dems been ordered to refund the money, it could have left them bankrupt. But, the Conservatives have turned up the heat on the Liberal Democrats in the wake of Brown's arrest. Shadow Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, said this week there was a “real question” over whether the donation was eligible and in Scotland, the Scottish Nationalist Party are calling for the party to refund the money. “Ming Campbell must justify keeping hold of this cash” said the SNP MP Angus MacNeil.