THE Guardia Civil yesterday arrested a 63-year-old man in connection with the disappearance of 70-year-old Margarita Bestard on October 10 last year.
The suspect was one of the missing woman's neighbours in Portol and apparently one of the suspects in the case of another missing woman some years ago.

Bestard was reported missing by her family on October 10.
That morning, she had apparently travelled to Arenal, as usual, to collect the rent on a number of properties but has neither been seen nor heard of since.

Guardia Civil sources revealed yesterday that they have been treating her disappearance as suspicious right from the very start as there were no grounds to suggest a voluntary or accidental disappearance.

The case of missing Bestard coincided with that of the British resort representative Jacqueline Tennant who went missing while hiking in the north of Majorca that very same week.

Her sister Monique was in Palma yesterday meeting a detective who has been hired to take up the case, because the family is not convinced that Jacqueline's disappearance was accidental.

A series of searches by the Guardia Civil, Local Police, Civil Protection and volunteers have been mounted in both cases but no traces of either woman have been found.

The possible development in the search for Margarita Bestard will boost Monique's spirits in her quest to either find her sister or at least discover what happened to the former member of the women's RAF auxiliary.

She had been due to fly to Jamaica with Monique just days after she went missing to visit her father.