STAFF REPORTER THE Balearics is one of the regions of Spain where people are least likely to be prepared to move overseas to find work, a survey by human resources consultants Randstad revealed yesterday.

Findings confirmed that only 27 percent of the labour market in the Balearic Islands would be prepared to move abroad to find work, compared with the national average of 42 percent. The national figure however, rose to 62 percent amongst the category of those taking part in the poll who were unemployed, whilst the remaining 38 percent who said they were prepared to move overseas to get a job were already employed in Spain.

There were enormous regional differences in responses to the questionnaire conducted by Randstad. In Navarre, 70 percent of interviewees said they would be prepared to move abroad for work whilst those least likely to move were people living in La Rioja - just 20 percent were willing to uproot. La Rioja was followed by the Balearics with 27 percent.

Men proved more prepared to move than women and the 25 to 34 age group were most in favour.