Palma.—Fire fighters returned to the scene of Saturday night's industrial blazes yesterday to continue dousing down the smoldering ashes in order to prevent the fires from returning to life.

In total, eight warehouses on the Son Castello Industrial Estate and MercaPalma were gutted by fire along with the offices for a hotel company while a commercial property was damaged by the thick smoke.

As fire fighters continued dousing the burnt out shells, teams of Scientific Investigators from the National Police moved onto the sites to begin investigating the cause of the blazes which caused widespread damage.

The fire on the Son Castello industrial estate was apparently caused by a young lad who was cleaning a car and a boat when he apparently put a bottle of coca cola near an electric light, but investigators will confirm that.

What is unquestionable is that the fire spread extremely quickly. At Mercapalma, a 12'000 square metre warehouse was totally gutted and will have to be demolished once the cause of the fire has been established.