THE 200 metre extension of the docking area in the Moll Vell (old port) part of Palma harbour in front of the Cathedral, is now finished and will be open at the end of the month or in May, according to the Balearic Port Authority. The extension of the dock area, capable of mooring freight carrying ships of up to 200 metres long, is part of the project to extend the southern esplanade in the commercial docks. This has an estimated budget of 22.7 million euros and will be finished next year. The European Union is financing 75 percent of this work.
However, the extension of the commercial dock area in Moll Vell is only going to be a temporary solution.
It is expected to last only seven to ten years because the Directing Plan for the port includes the moving of the freight handling operation to the Dique del Oeste, leaving Moll Vell as a city centre port, similar to Maremagnum in Barcelona, which will enable cruise passengers to walk straight into the city centre. In any case, the extension of the existing esplanade is being carried out.
After this is completed, work will begin to pave and develop the area.