By Humphrey Carter THE search for missing Margarita Bestard, who was last seen in Arenal on October 10, focused on the Arenal home of Antonio S. who was arrested on Monday in connection with the disappearance of the 70-year-old woman.

Early yesterday morning, the Guardia Civil pulled up outside the 60-year-old suspect's home accompanied by a van of builders.
Moments later the prime suspect in the case arrived in handcuffs and was escorted into his home amidst shouts and insults from neighbours and members of Bestard's nervous family.

A tarpaulin was eventually erected around the entrance of the property's garage, inside of which excavation began as the morning dragged on and more and more neighbours gathered round the scene to catch a glimpse of the suspect and discover what was going on.

Apparently, the ramp down into the garage has been recently modified and the construction work has always attracted the police's suspicions.
It is understood that the floor to the garage, which covers a small well, was ripped up, but no human remains found.
Two sniffer dogs were later taken to the scene to help search the interior of the property.
The tension on the street eventually died down and the police reopened the road to traffic as investigators poured over the inside of the property with the help of the prime suspect. Antonio S., who was one investigated in connection with the disappearance of another woman in 1996, is maintaining his innocence and has denied any connection with either of the cases.

Margarita Bestard was in calle Trencadors in Arenal on October 10, collecting the rent on properties in the street, when she was last seen alive.