BY STAFF REPORTER PALMA Airport Director, Nemesio Suarez, announced yesterday that works on the extension of low cost airlines' Terminal “C” at Son Sant Joan will kick off in May next year at a cost of 88 million euros.

Plans are that the module will house the air traffic connection hub which is being set up by Air Berlin to accommodate long distance flights.
Suarez was speaking yesterday at an event marking the 30th anniversary of the arrival of the first flight of Air Berlin to Majorca. The 88 million euros cost of the extension, said Suarez is separate from the 54 million which will be needed to complete the hub installations within Terminal C, and from another 34 million which will be needed to buy interior furnishings and to set up an automatic passenger walkway and baggage handling system. Terminal “C” will have between 20 and 33 embarkation gates, of which 17 will have a “finger”-style enclosed passageway providing direct access onto the waiting aircraft. Suarez said that the total floor space of Terminal “C” after the extension has been completed will measure 35'000 square metres and will be capable of handling 5'500 passengers per hour.