A33-YEAR-OLD Briton has apparently been arrested in Portals after an international search and arrest warrant was issued by a British judge last year.
The suspect, who lived with his wife and her two children from former marriage, first lived in Palma before moving to Puerto Portals and, according to police sources, in early 2007, the mother apparently became suspicious that her six-year-old daughter was being sexually abused by her partner.

Fearing the worst, she apparently returned to England with her two children and reported her husband to the police.
An investigation was mounted and an East Berkshire judge issued the international search and arrest warrant on July 18, 2009.
According to police sources, the judge ruled that the suspect allegedly abused the young girl at some point between April 1, 2007 and June 14, 2008.
The mother can apparently not name an exact date.
The suspect was arrested at 1pm on the afternoon of April 26, this Monday, at his Portals home. Sources close to the investigation in Palma, which carried out the UK arrest warrant, said the suspect could face life in prison if found guilty of sexual abuse and a further 14 years if found guilty of the other alleged charges of child pornography.

The suspect was yesterday in police custody in Palma awaiting extradition to the United Kingdom where he will stand trial in East Berkshire.