Palma.— The 30th edition of the Palma Boat show kicked off its 30th anniversary celebrations in the Moll Vell yesterday after last year's cancellation due to the economic crisis.

Balearic president Jose Ramon Bauza started the proceedings in the presence of other local dignitaries including, the Mayor of Palma Mateo Isern and the central government delegate to the Balearics Teresa Palmer.

Isern and Bauza delivered the opening speeches before going walkabout around the show.
The event, cancelled last year for the first time since it started 30 years ago in Alcudia - where it was called Muestra Nautica Flotante (the floating boat show) - will be open until May 5 and will include a movie festival, a sea food cooking show, and an exhibition of vintage boats, although the highlight will be the super yachts on display, some of them up to 45 metres long.

In comparison in its first edition, the fair offered excursions, training courses and a series of nautical activities. In 1984 the show moved to Palma next to the Club de Mar and doubled the number of boats on display. Fires i Congressos joined forces with the show organisers and the event became a showcase for the nautical world. In the early 90's it moved to its current location and organisers changed the event's dates to May for commercial reasons.

Over the years, the event has continually grown with the creation of more stands, the expansion of the marina to handle over 300 boats and exhibition space on the quay of around 45.000 square metres.

In 2012 it went through its darkest period with the cancellation of the event due to the crisis.
But this year organisers have decided to return stronger than ever and have invested around 300.000 euros in the show.