London.—The number of unemployed foreign residents dropped in Majorca during March with the exodus of European citizens being cited as the main cause for it.

The economic situation is so serious that many are being forced to leave in search of jobs in other countries, with only one in every ten workers registered at their local job centre being an immigrant.

This means the number of residents and workers in the island from E.U states has decreased by 11.57% while from other countries outside the Euro zone by 3.2%.

In March, Majorca registered a total of 90.576 people officially registered without a job (3.371 less than last year), with 71.443 of those being Spanish nationals.

In total 29.773 citizens of all nationalities have been jobless for over a year.
Manuel Pelards, from the UGT General Workers' Union, says the reason for these figures are due to several factors. “The immigrants are going, and so are the youth from the Balearics. “ On top of that, the ones who are already jobless are starting to lose hope. “ They don't renew their registration for unemployment benefits because the job centres are failing to provide opportunities or qualified training.” The union also slammed the government for their “completely useless policies” in creating new jobs.
A spokesman for the CCOO general workers' commission has called for businesses to create more stable jobs for youngsters.
One in two of the unemployed in Spain are aged under 25 and, as the Bulletin has been reporting, not only are immigrants going home or elsewhere, so too are Balearic residents with the number of Balearic residents now living and working abroad twice what it was five years ago.