Palma.—Last year the Mayor of Palma, Mateu Isern, was highly praised for the tough stance he took on combating the con artists or “trileros”, as they are known in Spanish.

In response to mounting tension between traders, local residents and the con artists and the illegal street vendors, Isern not only stepped up the number of police patrols and police on the beat, but also issued a restraining order which banned the street vendors and the con artists from going within 500 metres of the sea front promenade and the bulk of holiday makers.

Important operations
Last year, Palma Local police and the chief prosecution service also carried out very important operations against illegal trading and the gangs of con artists operating in the resort.

But, with the summer season about to get into full swing, it appears that the prosecution service has decided to revoke the restraining order, much to the shock of the local community.

In response, Palma City Council is drawing up fresh legislation in order to continue the fight against the illegal traders and con artists which could include the immediate confiscation of their goods/games and takings. The Palma Hotel Association has also said that it too intends to take action and challenge the ruling.

The association is going to ask the prosecution to at least postpone the U-turn until it has gone to court and a final ruling is made.
Last year, over 300'000 items, most of them fake, were seized by the police from illegal traders.