Joan Collins THE Club Nautico in Pollensa is planning to extend its installations once the Yacht Club Law, which deals with the extension of existing leisure ports in the Balearics, promoted by the Balearic Government, is approved. The project proposes the lengthening of the curved breakwater to get 43 new moorings which would occupy 6'397 square metres. The plan also envisages constructing 20 moorings for the rapidly growing superyacht sector and others for a variety of smaller sized yachts. At the last Ordinary General Meeting of the Club Nautico in Pollensa, the President not only informed the members of the possibility of extending the club but also handed out a questionnaire to find out what the members thought of the project. Attached to this was a copy of the plan illustrating the future extension project. Among the questions for the members were: whether they would accept an extension of more of less 30 percent of the existing size and if they would be interested in a mooring. If they were, what sort of size would they be looking for. Pollensa council last night debated a motion opposing the port extension at their regular meeting with the yacht club hoping it gets the green light.