CARITAS (the Catholic charity) in Majorca yesterday received a cheque for 20'000 euros as a result of the 12th edition of the campaign “Don't throw it away”, promoted by the Pime-Baleares Foundation, during which half a million cans were collected. Joining in this campaign were private citizens, parishes, public institutions, bars, hotels, restaurants and other companies, as well as training centres, schools and colleges, the latter taking part in the collection of cans for recycling and in a drawing competition which, for the first time, has been introduced into the activity programme. From November 30 2005 to March 31 this year, at least 278'600 cans have been collected, but the Deixalles Foundation, which also cooperated in this campaign, predicted that the final figure, once everything had been counted, would be 505'000. The President of the Pime-Balears Foundation thanked the Balearic Government, the Council of Majorca, and “Sa Nostra” for their sponsorship, and the Association for the Treatment of Aluminium, the publicity company Malla, Tirme (who run the Son Reus incinerator) and the drinks distributor Cobega for their collaboration. The representative of the Bishop of Majorca said that the money would be used for the training workshops run by Caritas.