THE Palma bus driver responsible for Tuesday's horrific accident on the Paseo Maritimo spent his first day on remand in Palma prison yesterday as friends of the 37-year-old Bulgarian air hostess crushed to death by the runaway trailor laid flowers at the scene of the tragedy.

Colleagues at the Bulgurian airline Air Via for which both Galabina, who was killed instantly, and fellow air hostess Roslada, who was still recovering from horrific injuries and losing her right leg in Son Dureta hospital, worked were said to have still been in shock yesterday.

The two victims were making the most of a stop-over in Palma with the rest of their flight crew to visit the city when the accident happened as they were waiting to cross the pedestrian crossing by the Club be Mar.

The flight crew have been visiting Vasileva in hospital, “she still can't believe what has happened to her and her friend,” a source said.
On Wednesday night, the EMT Palma bus driver at the wheel of the lorry, 35-year-old Andres CF told a preliminary hearing that the trailer flipped when he braked at the red light as he rounded the bend to join traffic in the direction of Porto Pi on the Paseo Maritimo.

During the hearing, it is understood, that his lawyer told the court that his client drank five or six beers during the night sea crossing from Valencia to Palma while playing cards with a group of friends and had sniffed two lines of cocaine before going to bed at 1am.

According to Andres CF's, legal team, the public bus driver, who works in his spare time as a lorry driver, woke at 7am, had a “carajillo”, coffee with brandy, and, once docked, got behind the wheel of his lorry and headed out of the port for the Paseo Maritimo.

The prosecution recommended that Andres CF be held on remand in Palma prison to prevent him from getting back into the cab of a lorry.
The Local Police are continuing with their investigation into the accident, but it has also been revealed that, as the lorry approached the traffic lights on the bend, it was apparently travelling at 38 kilometres per hour when the speed limit in the area is 20.