IT looks like the paper medical prescription will soon be a thing of the past in Majorca.
From this week, patients in Santanyí, Sa Pobla, Son Ferriol and Son Serra will be the first on the island to use the new electronic prescription system that has already been piloted successfully in Ibiza.

Instead of their doctor writing their prescription on a piece of paper, patients will be asked to hand over their medical card. The doctor will then enter the data relating to their prescription into a computer. The patients later hand over their medical card to their pharmacist in order to have their prescription filled.

Initially, the system will be in operation in the public medical centres in Santanyí, Sa Pobla, Son Ferriol and Son Serra and the 26 pharamacies in those areas.

However, it is intended to roll out the system through the whole of the island by October.
Ib-Salud then intends to introduce the system to Minorca, so that by the end of 2008, the system will be in place throughout the Balearic Islands.
According to the Director General of the health service, Josep Pomar, “this would convert the islands into the first autonomous community in the country to have 100% electronic system without papers”.

He added that the new system is “more flexible and reduces bureaucracy”.
Though the system currently applies only to the public health centres, there are plans to introduce it to the public hospitals, as well as the private clinics.