Palma.—Bauza said that as his government nears the half way point of this current legislature, it is time for shake up because the damage caused by the previous Socialist led left wing coalition is still proving hard to repair.

Before going into details about the reshuffle, Bauza mounted a 15-minute long attack on the former government for having allowed the government out grow itself with to many costly ministers and ministries which, in the end, failed terribly in managing the Balearics, hence why his government is facing the on going battle of clearing the debts left by the Socialists while trying to reduce the deficit, revive the economy and create new jobs.

Three weeks ago, Bauza denied that he was planning a reshuffle but it as common knowledge that the Education Minster and government spokesperson, Rafael Bosch was for the chop and in deed, he was axed yesterday.

As was, surprisingly, the Minister for Finance, Josep Aguilo and the Minister for Public Administration, Simon Gornes. Bauza has already taken steps to slim line his government in order to save public funds, yesterday he proclaimed he now intends to make it more efficient with the emphasis being on the economy and social services.

The former Vice -Presidency for Finance will be broken up into two departments, Finance and Taxation which will be headed by Joaquin Garcia and Jose Vicente Mari, respectively, while Family and Social Service will no longer come under the Ministry for Health and will be headed by Sandra Fernandez.

The new Minster for Education, Culture and Universities will be Joana Maria Camps and the new Minister for Public Administration, Nuria Riera, will also be the government spokesperson.

New taxes?
Antonio Gomez, who until now has been head of the President's Ministry will become the new Vice-president.
But, there could be further changes down the road as Bauza battles the Balearics' debt in the form of new taxes. Yesterday Bauza did not rule out any such move. “First we've got to talk to the various business sectors and then consult the cabinet,” he said while the opposition described the reshuffle as a “political tsunami”.