A small army of fire fighters started the massive operation of cleaning up the ashes and debris left behind in the wake of the blaze which ripped through the Can Valero industrial estate on Thursday evening destroying eight business and affecting a further 11. The operation got underway at 9am while fire investigators searched the disaster scene for clues as to what caused the enormous blaze which started at 6pm and took scores of fire fighters two hours to bring under control and extinguish. A small core of firemen remained at the scene over night to monitor the situation and make sure that the fire was out until the reinforcements arrived yesterday morning. In total 42 firemen, 12 fire trucks and 60 hoses with special support from the water board were involved in the operation.
Local Police and ambulance staff were also rushed to the scene with three people being taken to Son Llatzer hospital after being overcome by the fumes and smoke. Fire fighters managed to contain the blaze to the warehouse in which it started but, eight of the 19 businesses which share the industrial property were destroyed. The roof caved in on them. The cost of the damage is expected to run into millions of euros as all of the businesses were damaged.
Yesterday the association of small businesses expressed its sympathy and solidarity for all the businesses effected. The Balearic government said that, if possible, it will provide assistance to those hit by the blaze. Government spokesperson Joan Flaquer said that the authorities have to first assess the magnitude and the costs of the fire and to make sure that the businesses were adequately insured. In theory the government will be offering some kind of aid package to help the victims get their businesses off the ground again. The small businesses association has also offered all its help and support including free legal assistance for those who may have problems with their insurance companies.