PALMA council will receive a grant of 100 million euros a year from the local Government as the city is granted greater powers.
The Balearic Government yesterday approved a resolution to draft a law which will guarantee Palma council a yearly sum of at least 100 million euros for the improvement of public services and infrastructures. It will also give them the responsibility for the design and approval of building projects being executed in the town, a power which until now was held by the Council of Majorca. During a press conference after the meeting, the Balearic Minister of the Interior, Jose Maria Rodriguez, expressed his satisfaction that the resolution will comply with an “old demand” from the city. He added that the planning for this started in 2001 with the unanimous approval of the Palma City Charter by all political groups. The Balearic Government predicted that the law would be approved “unanimously” by the Balearic Parliament before the end of 2006.
According to Rodriguez, the law will give Palma more power to attend to necessary matters and to guarantee a better response to the demands of its population, not just the 400'000 citizens who live in the city but also the Majorcans who do not live in the capital but work there and are therefore affected by the “deficiencies and shortfalls in the infrastructures” which the city suffers. He remarked that the law will recognise the “uniqueness” of Palma to improve and extend its independence, and will require the agreement of all parties for its approval.