AROUND 90 percent of the hotels across the Balearic Islands employing a minimum of a dozen members of staff, now have their own website resulting in tripled Internet sales over the past year.

On-line holiday reservation was just one of the features forming part of a national workshop being held at the Hotel Valparaíso in Palma yesterday, highlighting how technology has become an integral part of the tourist industry.

The event, the second of its kind to be held in Palma, was officially opened by Joan Flaquer, Balearic minister for Tourism and his counterpart in Tax and Economy, Lluís Ramis de Ayreflor. Flaquer gave a warm welcome to nearly 200 participants at the “National Workshop for Technology in Tourism” whilst de Ayreflor made the importance of Information Technology in tourism eminently clear.

The current workshop is focusing on security in hotel establishments and strategies aimed at creating all-year-round tourism. There were plenty of professionals at the occasion who were able to exchange experiences and offer suggestions on how to promote business through technology. It was also a chance for them to update their knowledge on just what the world of computing had to offer their own hotel businesses in terms of increasing custom and prolonging the tourist season which still traditionally takes off between May and October each year.