By TIm Fanning

BRITISH tourists have expressed their disgust at the state of the Cala Major beach just as the summer season officially gets underway.
One pensioner, 68-year-old William Jobling from Teeside who has been coming to Majorca for 22 years, yesterday described the beach as a disgrace.
He said there were no sunbeds on the beach, the toilets were locked, there was no member of the Red Cross on duty and children were at risk of cutting themselves on bits of glass.

Jobling, who spent time living on the island, said that in all the years he had been coming to Majorca he had never seen anything like it. “It's a disgrace,” he said. “It's just total neglect. The people we have spoken to are absolutely disgusted. There's no toilets open for anyone at all.” Jobling, who has been in Cala Major for the last three weeks, added that people were walking their dogs on the beaches in the morning and that nothing was being done to stop them. He said that his partner had tried to complain to the council but that nobody was able to talk to her in English.

He said that the children of some holidaymakers had cut their feet on the remnants of bottles lying on the beach and that there was no medical care available. He said that the lack of sunbeds meant that he and his wife could not sit on the beach.

Jobling described the lack of facilities on the beach as a “bad advert” for Majorca and said it was ruining people's holidays.