STAFF REPORTER THE company currently responsible for managing the upkeep and toll control in the Soller tunnel said yesterday that it is aware that new leaks have appeared and has committed to undertaking waterproofing works at the end of this year.

Leaks have been present from the outset of the project in the Soller tunnel and concerns have been raised by drivers that it appears unsafe - even though it has stopped raining, water is still falling from the walls of the tunnel and could represent a danger on the road.

The history of the Soller tunnel is a very chequered one. The construction work on the project should have taken three years but it ended up taking ten - an eternity if compared with one of the railway tunnels of a similar length which took just two to complete. The Soller tunnel is well-known throughout Spain and a financial scandal associated with the project cost the then Balearic president, Gabriel Cañellas dear. Once the furore had died down, it continued to make news, with claims that from a construction point of view it's one of the dearest in the world in relation to its length. And of course, it has the costliest toll in the country. Comparison is made between the 1.4 euros per kilometre that has to be paid in Soller and the 0.05 euros that is paid by users on a motorway in Pontevedra for the whole 28 kilometres.