Palma.—Palma beer festival organisers have been swamped with demand and have decided to extend it for another week until the 12th of May.
Tourists from Britain, Germany, United States and Russia have come in their masses and, alongside the locals, have managed to finish some of the 82 different types of beer available during the first few days.

Anna, one of the organisers of the event said the team was “ pleasantly surprised” with the response. “I've worn my shoes out walking so much. Local brewed beer has been the most popular. For example on Wednesday we just could not keep up especially with the Majorcan beers. We couldn't even walk. There were too many people. Tourists are coming straight from the cruise ships and they want to try all the beers and the Pata Negra cured ham.” Australia
Beer fans have a variety of choices available including some international brands like Irish Guiness, Australian Fosters and British Carling. Only two types of beer are not available despite being on the menu (Grimbergen Optimo Bruno and Triple), but organisers were keen to stress that it was not their fault. “We had some bureaucratic problems with the suppliers. Sometimes ìt happens but I can't talk much about it. Let's just say it is not because we haven't tried.” Anna also stressed that everything is being done to ensure that problems are kept to a minimum. “So far we haven't had any problems. “The police are keeping a close watch and patrolling once in a while but it's a public place so we can't stop people from coming in or do much if something happens. “But so far so good. It has been really good so far. We can't complain. We have a lot of beer coming in every day and the sound of the vans unloading so many barrels is impressive - it's the best news.” Beer museum
The beer festival, now running until the 12th of this month, is also allowing visitors the opportunity to visit the beer museum (on the premises) where beer jugs, pint glasses and other memorabilia is on display as well as audiovisual material featuring some of the most famous TV beer adverts produced.