Pathway THE Selva town council are negotiating with the Balearic Ministry for the Environment in the Balearic Government to drain and cover over the sa Mosquera water channel. This new project would make it possible for the enlargement of the Lluc road up to the entrance point at Caimari. It would also help reduce traffic accidents, as more than one vehicle has fallen into the riverbed of the water channel, which borders the whole road. It would also be possible to create a pedestrian walkway to connect Caimari with the cemetery. The Mayor of Caimari, Pere Seguí, highlights the benefits that this work would bring to the area, “creating a pedestrian walkway, widening the road and reducing the number of traffic accidents”. He also noted that the project would take place at a short part of the road, where “it hardly gets full of water”. However, the Ministry for the Environment has already presented a first project to the town council, said the Mayor, which would not completely cover the water channel and so would not allow all the detailed projects to be carried out. Negotiations continue until a resolution has been reached. THE Council of Majorca have given the go-ahead to a project which will transform the three roundabouts in Capdepera centre, the Councillor for the Economy on the Council of Majorca, Miquel Ángel Flaquer confirmed. “We have given the green light to improve the look of the roundabouts and give them a greater decorative look.” Palm trees will be placed in the centre of one of the roundabouts, a traditional fishing boat, llaüt will be placed in the centre of the roundabout at the Cala Rajada turning and something related to the castle will be placed at the third roundabout at the Canyamel entrance. FREE internet courses are on offer to residents until 15 May from 9am until 9pm at the Santo Domingo Cultural Centre. THE Inca town council has had to stop sending informative letters out to private houses, informing residents about discount public transport travel cards because of the overwhelming response. So far the town council has received 400 requests for the resident's travel card, and in order for them to handle these requests they have had to cease sending out letters. A council spokesperson said they were happy with the response. PORTO Cristo has taken the first steps towards administrative independence. Like the South Unified party (SU) in Ses Salines who managed to achieve independence from Colonia Sant Jordi on 16 February 2005, the Independent Association of Porto Cristo (AIPC) are now trying to achieve the same for the port. The spokesperson for the AIPC, Jaume Brunet, has confirmed that the first steps have been made to check the feasibility of this initiative.


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