Staff reporter

A new luxury entertainment and cultural centre is going to open in Palma this summer.
The Riskal centre is currently being built in Secar de La Real and is being especially designed to meet the needs of Majorca's 160'000 wealthiest national and international residents aged between 30 and 55. The complex, which will feature a restored Majorcan farm house, is due to be inaugurated in August and will boast luxury restaurants, such as the Titanic or King Jaume, live jazz cafes, a nightclub and disco. The luxury complex will also offer spacious and well equipped conference facilities and nine meeting rooms, as well as an art gallery, an auction house and a library.

Director of the complex Jaume Llull says that the main aim of the Riskal complex is “to commemorate the glamour of Palma in the 70's.” The centre is being promoted by Joan Gelabert who is not only financing the complex but also going to manage the centre.