AFTER months of speculation, the opposition conservative Partido Popular Party has finally decided against tabling a motion of no confidence in the Socialist Mayor Aina Calvo and remove her from power.

All week there were claims and counter claims that the PP were going to join forces with the UM Majorca Unionist party, which has been expelled from the ruling coalition in the Balearics because a number of its members and leading politicians have been caught up in a series of alleged corruption scandals, but yesterday, the political war mongering has finally ended.

Calvo, who joined the May Day marches yesterday morning, said that the PP's U-turn is a victory for the people of Palma.
She said that the PP's decisions is not only a good one politically, but it will serve to reinstall some stability in the council and allow the institution to get back to work properly and concentrate on the real issues such as the welfare of the general public.

Calvo said that she also hopes the PP and the UM will not act “irresponsibly”. “I know we're governing in a minority on the council but we are determined to continue until the next elections and expect all parties to put the requirements of the public first,” she added.