SPANISH car sales surged in April as scrapping schemes continued to boost demand and here in the Balearics, vehicle sales rose by just over 42 percent, the country's sixth sharpest regional rise.

There are two possible reasons for the final surges in car sales.
Firstly, scrapping the incentives are in place until the end of June, although there are calls for them to be extended because there are fears that it will lead to sharp fall in car sales and the widespread closure of vehicle dealerships and the loss of more jobs, and secondly, the controversial rise in VAT in July.

In the Balearics, the majority of the 2'909 new vehicles sold, the equivalent of three percent of the national market, were cars last month, 2'673 in total.

While 236 off-road vehicles were sold in the region. According to vehicle industry sources in the Balearics, the three most popular makes of car are Peugeot, Ford and Opel.