Palma.—The 28th Palma Boat Show opened its doors to the public over the weekend but, while over 6'000 people visited the trade fair, the nautical sector made its disapproval of the local government's nautical policies, or rather lack of them, known with a mass blast of yacht horns during Saturday's inauguration by the Balearic Minister for Commerce, Industry and Energy, Francesca Vives.

However, that did not prevent the Minister from proclaiming that the show, which occurs on the eve of the start of the tourist season, is an “excellent shop window” for the regional nautical industry and related businesses.

Mixed opinions
But, not only does the nautical sector not approve of the way it is treated by the government, it also has mixed feelings about the boat show. One leading nautical company director told the Bulletin over the weekend that the show has become a “total waste of time and despite all the visitors, generates very little real business or money.” The fair continues until May 8 and a host of events and activities will be taking place during the rest of this week.
Yesterday evening, the official car for the Global Ocean Race, which starts in Palma later this year and will end in the capital next year once the competitors have covered the 30'000 mile course round the world with just four stops.

The new Alpha Romeo Giulietta is the official race car and was unveiled in association with Autolatina.