Palma.—The National Police yesterday discovered and removed the body of a man who had been dead for six months from his home in calle Joan Miró in Palma.

A local resident contacted the National Police to say there had been a very strong smell coming from one of the flats.
Neighbours were doubly concerned because there had been no sight or sound of the tenant, who lived alone, for around six months.
Local Police were also notified and officers came to the property to force open the main entrance. Once inside, the body was discovered in an advanced stage of decomposition.

Equipped with breathing equipment and protective clothing, members of the Homicide squad and a magistrate examined both the body and the interior of the flat but could find no signs of violence.

Aged about 60 Everything seemed to point to the fact that the man, who had been aged about 60, died from natural causes some time in December last year.
But now, with the weather having started to get hotter, the strong smell had permeated the whole building, alarming residents.