Palma.—GOSH, what a weekend! Once again The Pirates Premiere in aid of GOSH, the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital charity proved to be a massive success. The charity weekend which is so avidly supported by the great and the good of Majorca began with Globo Balear's Commercial Manager Richie Prior, Her Majesty's Consul Mr. Paul Abrey and Tui's Area Manager Charlie Bridge welcoming their young guests to the island. A marauding band of Pirates brandishing a fearsome array of weaponry and yelling like banshees took the room by storm descending on the unsuspecting happy gathering at Magalluf's Hotel Aqua Sol on Saturday morning. This was just a prelude to an unforgettable weekend for the young patients and their families.

The annual event has raised in excess of 500'000 euros since 2003. Matt Forrest Head of Fundraising for the Great Ormond Street Charity told the Bulletin: “I was involved in the first event. Eight years ago Richie came over to London and explained what Pirates wanted to do and we've collaborated ever since. I would say that this is probably one of our strongest if not the strongest relationships that we forged over the years. Regardless of income, regardless of targets and those sorts of things, it really is a special bond. They come over to London at least once a year and visit the children; the last two Christmases they've been over and presented Pirates Radio Shows on our hospital radio. It is really fantastic, and not just about the money, it's about the children. They invite four to six families over here and on a completely human basis those families have been through a hell of a lot so to come out here for a week and to be treated like VIPs is fantastic. The celebrities, and we've had a lot of celebrities who want to be involved, are wonderful. This is a great event that we all work on together.” Rugby and ice star
Indeed, rugby international and ice dance star Kyran Bracken, investigative journalist Donal Macintyre and Coronation Street actress Sue Cleaver were fulsome in their praise of the work done by the charity. Sue told how she is constantly canvassed to support many causes, but due to work commitments has to be selective. “I've been coming to this event and supporting GOSH for four years now and I love it and the children, whatever is happening in my life I always pencil this in my diary and wouldn't miss it for anything.” This year's event was tinged with a certain amount of sadness by the absence of Globo Balear's larger than life founder and father figure the late Jacques Sasson; therefore the Gala evening ended with a poignant tribute delivered by Carl Ganley, whose eulogy was frequently interrupted by heartfelt cheers and applause. “Jacques was the Captain who led us all, he was one of the greatest men we will ever know…who didn't care what people thought…he was the man, and he always did it his way. He was one of the lads in every way, even though we were generations apart. There was never a dull moment when Jacques was on the scene: at work or play he would light up the place. He was our boss and our friend and we are thankful for being part of his family and we know that he'll be with us always, looking down on us from the best seat in the house with a big smile on his face…there will be only one Captain Jacques and we will always love you.” A fitting tribute to close another splendid Pirates fundraising event at which over 50'000 euros was raised.