By H. Carter

RESIDENTS in the Port of Pollensa feel let down by the new mayor and yesterday complained that the resort is not yet prepared to handle tourists.
Dr Gary Bonsall, the president of the Gotmar residents association said yesterday that none of the sun beds have been out on the beach yet, despite the summer season having officially got under way on May 1. “Over the past few days I've traveled to other parts of the island like Palmanova and all the sun beds and sunshades are out and tourists all over the place.

Up here, we're just not ready to welcome tourists,” he said.
He also complained about the vast number of building sites which fail to comply with the laws. “We don't seem to have a planning inspector (celador) so building sites do what they want. There's cement all over the port, the cars,. the streets and building material lying about the place. “And here in Gotmar, the streets are collapsing and it's becoming very dangerous for pedestrians especially those in wheelchairs or pushing prams. “Over the past 30 years, no money has been spent on maintaining the streets of Gotmar and I challenge all neighbourhood associations on the island to demonstrate that their streets are in a worse condition than ours,” Dr. Bonsall said yesterday.