Palma.—The incident all began near the La Romana roundabout opposite the Hotel Galatzo when a little kid goat appeared roaming across the road.
At first British and Spanish cyclists rushed to its aid, worried that it may get hit by a car, and took her off into the nearby woods where the kid's mother was. But, it appeared that the kid was not interested in mum.

And no sooner had the cyclists returned to their bikes, so too had the kid.
Two men
The two men tried again and again to get the kid to stay with her mother but failed and the kid kept bouncing back down to the road.
Now, the kid began heading up the drive to the hotel when another cyclist took over the operation and again tried to get the kid to stay with her mother but back the little kid came, time and time again.

By this point, quite a large group of tourists and passers by had gathered to see what was going on and offer their help.
Eventually a local council emoployee was called in and it was decided to take the kid goat to the nearby La Romera rural estate which is home to a host of animals from horses to goats and there the little kid was found a new and safe temporary home until its mother eventually shows up on the scene.

Worrying “While very worrying at first because we were concerned for the kid's safety being so close to the road, it became farcical as one after another, we all tried to get her back into the woods and to stay with her mother but she just was not having any of it,” one eye witness said.