Palma.—Palma's sea front is starting to be described as sad and devastating after the company in charge of the construction of the new convention centre and adjacent five star hotel drew to a halt after Palma City Council ran out of funds and subsequently postponed construction.

The steel shell of the two buildings can be seen by everyone coming in and out of the city and locals say it is “bad for tourism and the city's reputation.” Construction workers left all the material as if they were coming back the next day.
But a year has passed since, they never came back, and degrading signs are starting to be evident with all the leftover material strewn across the construction site.

Palma City Council has decided to try and sell the two buildings as separate entities.
But, with another year's construction work needed to complete the convention centre and an estimated six months to finish the hotel, the council is looking for entities prepared to make serious investments.

Workers were last seen on site cleaning the building's surrounding area with pressure water cannons but with so much material left behind and the old abandoned Gesa building right next to it there are fears vandals will keep breaking into the place and cause even more damage to the area.

The old Gesa building has been boarded up on numerous occasions to stop vandals from getting in and security around the convention centre site has also been stepped up but to no avail.

Public funds
Palma City Council is trying to court international investors but so far it has failed and some residents in Palma believe that public funds should be used to complete the project in order to preserve the city's image.