By Humphrey Carter THE British Department of Trade and Industry, via its Consul Trade and Investment department in Spain, is going to help the British boat building and dealership industry in the Balearics gain better recognition in Spain and development a closer working relationship with the local authorities. Russell Currie, the executive director of Fairline North Majorca, on behalf of the British boating sector in the Balearics, has been lobbying for some time in a bid for the British industry, not just here in the Balearics but, across Spain to be better recognised for the revenue its generates for the local economies, jobs its creates and money it generates through nautical tourism. Yesterday Yvonne E. Cherrie from the Consul Trade and Investment department in Barcelona flew to Palma to meet Currie and visit Palma's International Boat Show to see the industry's showcase event and listen to the complaints and concerns of the professional British nautical sector. UK Trade and Investment is the government organisation that supports companies in the UK doing business internationally and overseas enterprises seeking to set up or expand in the UK but Cherrie's primary concern is to help British business operating in Spain and in Palma yesterday pledged her, and the British government's, help to the British nautical industry. Currie said the industry has changed a great deal over the past decade and is much more professional “we would like to have more professional recognition from out Spanish colleagues, we have to work according to our own strict industry rules and regulations which apply to my industry world wide as well as the Spain's, we want the business sector to realise that we are doing everything correctly but that is sometime difficult because of the grey area over some of the rules and regulations here in the Balearics and sometimes some help and assistance from the authorities in this area would be welcome. “The British nautical sector here, which also operates one of the few boat yards capable of maintaining super yachts all year round in Spain, also feel its time for some greater recognition commercially. We are a major pillar of the local economy here, we are a big employer and also a key part of the tourist industry - especially at the top end attracting big spending, wealthy clients and boat owners. “But we're not getting the support, help and recognition we deserve,” he said. “Majorca is the boating centre of the Mediterranean with more registered recreational vessels than any where else,” he added. Cherrie said at the Boat Show yesterday that she is going to all she can to help “open the doors” for the British nautical industry and to facilitate contacts with the local authorities and the chambers of commerce. She will also bring the issue and concerns up with ADIN, Spain's marine leisure and trade association and the relevant Spanish authorities. Cherrie paid tribute to the business achievements and high level of professionalism of the British nautical sector across Spain and agrees that there need to be closer ties between the British and Spanish industries and a greater awareness of just how important the British nautical industry is to the Spanish economy.