MAJORCA'S world number two tennis player Rafael Nadal is this year top of the list of the “most desirable” person to have a beer with in the Balearics. Ranked six in the annual survey, Nadal is in big demand with 29 percent of people canvassed by pollsters Ipsos-Eco Consulting for the Spanish beer industry, in the Balearics saying he would be the ideal partner for a night on the town. Nadal is not the only sporting great in the top ten, eight percent of the Balearics would like to have a beer with Carlos Moya. Seven percent would choose former Real Mallorca and Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o while third comes Spain's Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso with 15 percent. However, keeping Nadal and Alonso apart is the Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
Nineteen percent of the Balearics would like to have a beer with the PM, while only nine percent would take up an invite from the Balearic president Jaume Matas. Majorcan pop star Chenoa is, not surprisingly, more popular than Matas but the president does appear to be more in demand on the weekend than leader of the Council of Majorca Maria Antonia Munar who failed to make the top ten. Politicians aside, the vast majority of the Balearics, where beer is the most popular drink, would like to have a beer with a sporting personality.