By Humphrey Carter

IT'S going to be a wet, very wet weekend in the Balearics with some torrential showers forecast for Friday.
The bank of rain moving our way from the mainland is due to hit Ibiza and Formentera this morning and eventually reach Majorca and Minorca this afternoon.

The temperatures are not forecast to change much over the next few days, so it will feel warm and humid.
But, it is going to be very windy with strong gusts from the east forecast this evening.
Friday morning is when the torrential downpours are expected to soak the Balearics.
Yesterday evening, the forecasters tracking the storm clouds were predicting that the heaviest rain will fall between 6am and mid-day on Friday.
Skies will remain cloudy on Saturday and isolated showers, moderate at times, will continue to linger about the region. The easterly wind will clear slightly and the temperatures could remain steady and little improvement can be expected on Sunday. The risk of storms will continue to threaten the islands and the temperature may drop a few degrees. The easterly winds will start to move round to the south but will remain moderate.

So, if you are on holiday and have not brought an umbrella, best nip out and buy one this morning.