By Vicki McLeod THE world famous Paris Lido is packing its bags and moving to Majorca for a week in June, bringing with them all of the razzle dazzle of the show, and some very important guests.

Photo Oliver Neilson

International singing superstar, Tom Jones, and Oscar winning actress Shirley MacLaine, are both on the guest list for this unique week which promises to turn Majorca into a Spanish version of Hollywood, or Mollywood! The event is the result of a collaboration between the Paris Lido, Hotel Blau Porto Petro, Son Amar and Mood Beach.
Majorca resident Michael Mehlig brought the Moulin Rouge to the Hotel Blau Porto Petro last year, and following that success has cooked up an even bigger plan for this year's special event.

WONDERFUL WEEK “I wanted to bring the Paris Lido over as it coincides with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Margaret Kelly, who was the original Miss Bluebell. “The Paris Lido has had many incredible performers doing seasons with them, including Tom Jones and Shirley MacLaine, the magicians Siegfried and Roy and the Kessler Twins. “They have all confirmed they are coming to Majorca to celebrate Miss Bluebell's anniversary, it's going to be a wonderful week.' Majorca residents will be able to see the Paris Lido show at the Son Amar theatre which is just outside of Palma. (
The tickets will go on sale in a couple of weeks. “Son Amar, opened its 2010 show ‘Rock the World' on Tuesday night to an incredible response from the audience”, said Michael, “it's the ideal place for the Paris Lido public performances as Son Amar has state of the art sound and lighting equipment. “The Paris Lido has extremely high standards so we are very happy that they have agreed to come to perform in Majorca.”

Whilst they are here the stars will be staying in exclusive villas provided by the Blau Porto Petro, and the Paris Lido cast and crew will also be staying for part of the week in the hotel on the East coast, although it is not yet certain of where they will be staying for the rest of the week.

Margaret Whittaker OBE, owner of Mood Beach Bar and Restaurant in Portals said, “This is exactly the type of glamorous event that Majorca needs, we're thrilled to be involved and looking forward to welcoming these international superstars to the island. “We are planning some spectacular parties and events for them at Mood. “If any other businesses are interested to collaborate with us on this then please do contact our reception at Mood Beach.”