Palma.—The Moroccan was rushed to hospital in the early hours of yesterday morning after he was apparently caught red handed by three British holiday makers robbing their hotel room when they returned from a night out in Santa Ponsa. The Guardia Civil in Palmanova were called and when they reached the scene, the suspect was found unconscious and the bedroom was in a state of great disorder.

Apparently, the tourists did not provide the Guardia Civil with too much information but it was clear that the Moroccan had been beaten.
According to the three tourists, it was the Moroccan who has reacted violently and they had to use force to restrain him.
An ambulance was called and the young Moroccan was admitted to intensive care at Son Espases Hospital where he was still under observation yesterday after having apparently tried to take his own life when he eventually woke up in hospital.

According to sources close to the investigation, no charges are being placed against the three British holiday makers because they were the victim of a robbery and they claim that it was the Moroccan who reacted violently first.

All three have been questioned separately by the Guardia Civil and it appears that their story stands up.
Later yesterday morning, the Guardia Civil mounted Operation Jaula in Peguera to catch three pick pockets and bag snatchers who have been very active lately.

They struck at a supermarket yesterday morning but managed to slip through controls thrown up around the area by Guardia Civil who are still hunting for the trio.