Palma.—The start of the tourist season has led to a boom in jobs available in the Balearics with a growth of 5.6% in the first quarter of the year, authorities said yesterday.

A government report shows that the Balearics leads the list of jobs in tourism followed by the Canary islands and Madrid while in Barcelona and Andalucia the numbers seem to be on the decline.

Not inspiring
Overall in Spain figures are not inspiring with jobs in that sector dropping by 1.9%, meaning 36.690 less employed people compared to last year.
The number of unemployed people between January and March was around 523.364, 36.000 more than in 2012 in the same period.
Driving force
Despite these figures tourism is still the force driving the economy forward in the Baleares with 20.2% of the population working in the industry and out of that number 49.6% belonging to the hostelry sector.

The number of foreign workers has also decreased by 2.4%.
In terms of contracts the number of “contratos temporales” (seasonal contracts) has remained the same as last year on 29.4%.