By Humphrey Carter

PALMA Local Police has deployed a 129-strong force to patrol the Playa de Palma this summer.
Palma police launched its annual summer security operation on May 1, the start of the season, and the special operation will continue until the end of October.

Extra police, including the tourist police, are already on the beat in the city but it is the Playa de Palma where the biggest of the holiday security operations is mounted.

The summer operation actually involves nearly three times the number of police on the beat during the rest of the year.
Yesterday's presentation, presided over by the Mayor of Palma Aina Calvo, took place at the new Playa de Palma Local Police station in Avenida America.

The summer police force compromises agents from a variety of units.
Four mounted police form part of the contingent along with four inspectors from the Green Patrol, six from the police's special rapid response unit, five from the GAP prevention team, an eight-strong motorcycle unit and a special speed trap team.

Security has been stepped up in all of the main holiday resorts and in Palma, as the arrival of the Spanish royal family for its annual summer holiday nears, the National Police and the Guardia Civil will throw a ring of steel up round the capital with the aid of extra members of both forces deployed from the mainland.

Police will be on heightened alert during the European Cup football which takes place between June 7 and 29.
The fact England will not be playing will come as a relief to some of the Local Police forces but, along the predominantly German Playa de Palma, for example, police will be extra vigilant during the three week tournament.

Extra resources are also going to be channeled into combating the drug culture in cooperation with most of the island's main clubs and bars.