By Tim Fanning

THE names of 141 streets, squares and parks in Palma that are named after figures or actions associated with Francoism are to be changed.
The Mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, issued the decree - which will result in the change in name of 68 Palma streets - yesterday.
The council is taking the action to comply with the Spanish Government's Historical Memory Law that requires municipal councils to remove symbols - such as insignia, plaques and shields - and change place names that are associated with the Dictatorship.

A special commission has been created by the council to propose new names derived from popular tradition or regional customs. For instance, the Plaza Caudillo is to become the Plaza de Son Castelló.

The council is also keen to name more streets after women. Only 2 percent of Palma's streets or 23 out of 2'400 are currently named after women.
In an attempt to redress the balance, Calle Alférez González Moro is to be renamed Calle Margarita Retuerto, while Calle Martorell Roca will be renamed Calle Margaluz.

Every household affected by the change in the names of streets in the city will be informed in the coming months of the new name.
Individuals must inform their banks, insurance companies etc of the change. The council will notify the post office and the big electricity, water and telephone companies among others.

The Mayor defended the changes, saying that, despite the inconvenience, they would enable the citizens of Palma to enjoy public streets, the names of which reflected “democratic values”.