ABOUT 200 teachers yesterday marched through the streets of Palma demanding a pay rise from the Balearic Government.
The state teachers say that if the Government does not respond to their demands they will take strike action next week.
The teachers, who held a demonstration in front of the Consolat de Mar at the end of their march, are looking for an extra 200 euros a month from the Government.

Rafael Pons, the secretary general of the CCOO union's teachers' section, said a strike was planned for Wednesday and Thursday. All of the main unions are planning to participate.

For 20 years, Pons said, state teachers had not held a strike. He said teachers were looking for an equitable salary. “We're not asking for the moon, we're asking for the minimum amount.” This latest threatened strike by public sector workers follows hard on the heels of a national strike by justice officials and a strike by doctors working in the Balearic health service.