Palma.—The Playa de Palma will have no more “botellon” parties (outdoor binge drinking parties) this summer after Palma City Council banned drinking in public between the streets Trovadores and Mision de San Diego.

Authorities have confirmed it will be forbidden to party in that area from the 28 of June until September 1. During that time local police will patrol the sea front accompanied by a local interpreter to help with the translations for tourists breaking the new rules.

Local district planner Joan Pau Reus said there are some differences between the controls along the Playa de Palma and those in place along the Paseo Maritimo which is also a popular place for street parties. “Along the Playa de Palma there are tourists so it would not be good for tourism to implement tough measures. There will be no fines, just an awareness programme. “Dealing with the locals requires a different approach because they should know the laws already.” Reus also added that police will be on the beat between 10pm and 1am for now with more specific controls planned for a later stage.
This measure was approved between Palma's Tourist Board, the Association for Discos and Nightclubs, the Association of Restaurateurs and Acotur, having agreed that the infamous “botellon” is a problem which needs to be resolved because it gives the resort a poor image and also causes social problems.