By Laura Stadler WITH hair tied back I hardly recognised one of British favourite actresses Angela Griffin, star of Holby City, Waking the Dead and Cutting It who is in Majorca this weekend to help Pirates Adventure raise thousands of pounds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. She can currently be seen in BBC1*s Waterloo Road. Although 29 she looked like a teenager. “It's because I've got a spot” she giggles pointing to a little blemish. “It's just my genes. My mum also looks young.” She is remarkably grounded, unpretentious and natural. She was happy to answer my questions despite the fact that I could see she was itching to be off enjoying the day with her family. How did you get into acting? Acting really is something I've always done and never realised it was so hard to get into. I was only 5 when I started. My mum was a working mum and on Saturday mornings I used to go to ballet classes. That was until she found out that I was going to the classes, falling asleep and waking up when she came and got me. So she decided maybe there was something else I should do on a Saturday morning. She found out about Leeds Children's workshop where I did loads of improvisation. I absolutely loved it. We also put on two productions a year. I was about eleven, when a friend of mine got a TV job through an agency. As I was watching him on the back of an Emmerdale tractor I knew what I wanted to do and said to my mum ”I want to be on the back of an Emmerdale tractor!” So we phoned up his agent and asked if she would take me on. She came along to one of the productions I was performing in and agreed. So I got an agent. I went to a school in Leeds, where whenever Granada or Yorkshire television needed anyone between the ages of 13–16 they'd come along and do big auditions in our school. When I was 13 I got a job to work on Under the Bedclothes for Yorkshire television, which was like this book reviewing programme. It just went from there. I've worked for it; but never really realised that it was something hard to get into. It was only when I was 19 when reality set in, and I saw people I'd been to drama school with, who were much better than me, and they weren't working. I'm not sure if it's from pure luck or because I just didn't see it. Her gorgeous 3 year old daughter runs over to see us. “That's Tallulah. She has so much energy,” she says as she introduces us. Someone mentions that Tallulah means running water. In her laid back manner Angela just shrugs, admitting that they chose it from a book. Her partner Jason Milligan scoops up Tallulah and they wander off as Angela tells me that they are getting married in England in July. How did you meet? We've known each other for years and years. I know his brother really well and we met when I was 17 or 18. About three and a half years ago I got drunk and basically came onto him. How refreshingly honest. I don't blame you he's gorgeous. Yes he is. He's also very good at cooking and very good at being a dad. I actually can't fault him. I keep thinking that one day, especially when we did the garden last year, I'll find some dead bodies under there. Because he is actually completely and utterly perfect. I'm very lucky. You never know if you're going to get a good one and somehow I managed to. So what Next? Waterloo Road finished last Thursday and we start the second series on the 19th of June, which goes all the way through to Christmas. We're filming 12 episodes this time. I've just had six months off being mummy, and then go back to work for six months which I like. Do you have a nanny? No Jason does voiceovers a couple of days a week, so he's around much of the time. So between us we manage to look after her. If we ever get stuck our mums look after her. Do you still live in your home town of Leeds? No I went to live in London when I was 21. But now we've decided to move out into the countryside to Oxfordshire. We're just waiting to exchange. It has two and half acres and it's just lovely. London's great when you're young free and single to go out to clubs and all that. Having babies kind of changes things. You've got all the stuff on your doorstep, but you can't use it. We decided we want Tallulah to run around in fields and to be as innocent as she possibly can for as long as she can. I have no desire for her to be streetwise. Maybe when she's 16. Are you enjoying your first trip to Majorca? What are your plans? Yes, I'm enjoying it more now the sun's out. (She turns her face to the sun soaking up the rays.) We're going to Santa Ponsa now because I've left all her socks and her sandals at home. I always forget something. Thank goodness it wasn't the passports. Angela is known for her fitness dance workout DVD but I discovered a new passion. We're really into food and intend to go out every night for dinner while we're here and enjoy ourselves. We love everything about food: cooking it, going out and eating it and having people round to eat it. Absolutely adore it. I feel I have intruded on her day enough and release her to the warmth of her family.

So how did you finally start going out?