BALEARIC wines have won three gold and four silver medals in the latest edition of the World Competition, which took place in Lisbon in Portugal.
With this success the islands made their contribution to the excellent results achieved by the Spanish wines participating in this competition.
In total they won 293 medals (six grand gold medals, 96 gold medals and 191 silver medals).
Spanish wines, in addition to achieving a great many medals, had a spectacular presence with 995 examples of their wine.
This was some 18.27 percent of the total number of wines competing.
The competition, which took place from April 21 to 23, had 220 international experts to evaluate and judge the wine.
There were 5'447 wines from 43 participating countries. The wines were all judged by means of “blind tastings”.
Galicia, with its Condes de Albarei-Carballo Galego 2004 wine, won a great gold medal.
In addition to this, it also won the classification of “Best White Wine” of the competition. This region also won five gold and nine silver medals.
Castilla and Leon got most of the medals (26 gold and 50 silver).
They were followed by Castilla La Mancha with 50 medals, among them a grand gold medal for their Verones-Tinto Joven Tempranillo 2005 wine.
La Rioja got a total of 45 medals.
These consisted of 19 gold medals, 25 silver medals and one grand gold medal for their Gaudium Marques de Caceres wine.
Catalonia got two grand gold medals with their Gran Duc de Foix Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 1998 and Heretat Vall-Ventos Tinto Reserva 2001 wines.
Aragon, thanks to their Care XCLNT 2003 wine, picked up the last of the grand gold medals.
This was in addition to their five gold and six silver medals.
Navarra got 21 medals, while Murcia had 14.
Then came Andalucia with 10 medals.
The Balearics picked up seven, Extremadura got five and the Canaries won two.
The Cava brands got one gold medal, and the Costa Brava and Madrid wines gained one silver medal each.